Veganism* is in crisis.

*as an anti-oppressive social (justice) movement

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Photo by Og Mpango from Pexels
Sistah Vegan by Dr. Amie Breeze Harper, 2010

Veganism must place emphasis on access, not choice and morality — and be forthright about the unethical aspects of veganism.

“Members of the Auyu tribe of Papua, Indonesia, are demanding a halt to the operations of palm oil company PT Indo Asiana Lestari (IAL)”
Photo by Og Mpango from Pexels

Veganism must contend with the fact that NOT ALL vegans are activists, and too many vegan activists are unbridled white supremacists which is dangerous to all liberatory social justice movements. Also, representation does NOT matter, if there is no seismic systemic and ideological shift in veganism from those who currently wield power.

Angela Y. Davis’s Facebook
“Angela Davis in 1969. Removing her from California’s public university system was a priority for then-governor Ronald Reagan. Archive/Getty Images”

Conclusion: Black Veganism as a social justice movement rooted in an intersectional decolonial liberatory praxis (practice).

MOVE is a Black anti-oppression organization that centered sustainability, animal rights, and Black liberation connected with Black Power and Rastafarianism movements in the US and Caribbean. In addition to the imprisonment of 9 MOVE members in 1978, the city of Philadelphia bombed the townhome killing eleven people in 1985, including five children and the founder of the organization. Additionally, sixty-one homes were destroyed, and more than 250 citizens were left homeless. Ramona Africa, then 29, and a child, Birdie Africa, then 13, later known as Michael Moses Ward were the only two people to survive the bombing.
@fattishveganish, Jamaican plant-based meal — Ital.



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Lisa Betty

Lisa Betty is a PhD Candidate in History and Course Instructor at Fordham University.